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Are you a primary support person for someone with a mental health condition that impacts mood? Whether it's a family member, partner, child, or friend - caring for others can be emotionally demanding, which is why

it's important to intentionally take time to care for yourself too.

Our 12 week online course provides you with necessary resources you need to find a balance between your own self-care and the work that you do to support your loved one.

Emotional exhaustion, overwhelm, and an increase in physical discomfort is often
related to caregiver burnout.

We strive to create a safe and compassionate space for caregivers to reflect on their experiences, gain knowledge about their loved one's needs, and to learn skills to improve coping.

Important Info

  • DBT Ozarks is not in-network with commercial insurance

  • Weekly cost of $50 with 12 week commitment

  • Open to Missouri residents

  • Meets online Mondays, 6:00-7:30pm

You Will
Learn To

  • reduce stress while improving functioning

  • increase energy and patience

  • balance between caregiving and self-care

  • practice self-compassion

  • set limits with others who rely on you

  • respond in a variety of crisis situations

Meet the Instructor

Kristen is a Social Work instructor & MSW student duo who enjoy working with highly sensitive adults and teens in a group setting, in order to support growth and healing.

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