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What Are Malaysia Odds? How to Play Malaysia Odds?

Malaysia odds, often a term many enthusiasts want to understand, involves specific content and application methods. Additionally, there are questions about whether Malay odds are a type of betting. This hot soccer tips by Wintips aims to decode these odds.

What Are Malaysia Odds?

In football betting, when delving deeper into bookmaker content, we encounter many terms like Malaysia odds. In essence, this isn't a type of bet like European, Asian, or over/under. Instead, it represents the odds rates that bookmakers provide for each betting option.

To understand more clearly, this rate is used to calculate winnings in a specific match. That is, the odds rate provided by the bookmaker for each option is used to multiply the wagered amount when winning. In Malaysia odds, all variables are represented in decimal form. However, the biggest difference here is the presence of negative and positive values.

In reality, Malaysia odds are formed based on a reverse comparison of American and Indonesian betting odds. Positive values from American and Indonesian odds convert to negative in Malay odds, and negative values from the former convert to positive in the latter. The notable aspect of this rate is that the winning chances always hover around 50%. Among these, positive values statistically show a winning rate of over 50%.

Why Are They Called Malaysia Odds?

The origin of the name "Malaysia odds" stems from Southeast Asia. Initially, it was only applied and known within the betting systems of bookmakers in Malaysia. It then began to spread beyond Southeast Asia and gradually became adopted worldwide. Naturally, the appearance of Malay odds depends entirely on the bookmaker.

Many recognize the advantages of these odds as they offer a reasonable method for calculating bets. It allows players to wager on different outcomes in a match, and calculating winnings is straightforward. However, a disadvantage of Malaysia odds is that they can fluctuate easily depending on actual developments. This can sometimes make it challenging for fans when bookmakers change the odds.

How Did Malaysia Odds Originate?

The emergence of Malaysia odds dates back earlier than we might think. From the 1960s to the 1970s, this betting method was known in some Malaysian casinos. However, during that period, the government strictly controlled gambling, including football betting. Many licensed entities had to cease operations due to the political and social context at that time.

By the 1990s, the national laws began to relax. The government decided to establish the Gaming and Wagering Commission, which oversaw the legal operation of the country's casinos. This laid the foundation for Malaysia odds to break through and spread beyond the nation’s borders. By the 2000s, almost all bookmakers in Asia adopted the Malay odds standard for matches. This ushered in a new era for football betting, introducing an entirely new and exciting content for enthusiasts.

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What types of bets are available in Malaysian betting?

Asian Handicap

The Asian Handicap is the most popular type of bet that uses Malaysian odds. This betting format has two options: the favorite (upper) and the underdog (lower). The odds for each bet can be given in Malaysian format. For example, the favorite team might have odds of 0.78, while the underdog has odds of -0.91. The calculation of winnings depends on these odds.

European Bets

In European bets, Malaysian odds are less common. The positive and negative odds are applied to the three outcomes: home team win, away team win, and draw. However, Malaysian odds are rarely used for 1×2 bets.

Over/Under Bets

In Over/Under betting, there are two options: over and under. If a player bets on over and wins, the payout is calculated based on the odds for this option. Conversely, if they bet on under and win, the payout is calculated based on the corresponding odds. The outcome is determined by the total number of goals scored by both teams. If the match has more goals than the set number, over wins; if fewer, under wins.

Calculating Winnings with Malaysian Odds in 2024

Calculating winnings with Malaysian odds is simple and easy. Different calculations apply for positive and negative odds. For negative odds, the number indicates the amount you win if successful; if you lose, you lose the entire stake. For positive odds, the number indicates the amount you lose if unsuccessful and the full amount you win if successful. This method applies to all three types of bets: European, Asian Handicap, and Over/Under.

Asian Handicap Betting

In Asian Handicap betting, calculations are based on the upper and lower bets. For example, if you bet on the favorite and win, your profit is the stake multiplied by the Malaysian odds of the favorite. Conversely, if you bet on the underdog and win, your profit is the stake multiplied by the Malaysian odds of the underdog.

Traditional Bets (1X2)

As we know, the traditional European betting format offers three options: home win, away win, and draw.

If you bet on the home team, your profit = stake multiplied by the Malaysian odds of the home team.

If you bet on the away team, your profit = stake multiplied by the Malaysian odds of the away team.

If you bet on a draw, your profit = stake multiplied by the Malaysian odds for a draw.

Over/Under Betting

Over/Under betting uses both positive and negative odds. This depends on the bookmaker’s calculation to ensure balance.

If you bet on over, your profit = stake multiplied by the Malaysian odds for over.

If you bet on under and win, your profit = stake multiplied by the Malaysian odds for under.

Example Case

Let's take an example of a match between Manchester United (MU) and Manchester City (MC). If the bookmaker offers odds of -0.71 for MU and 0.41 for MC, and you place a bet of 200K:

Betting on MU to win: 200 / -0.71 = 281.69 K

Betting on MC to win: 200 x 0.41 = 82K plus the original stake.

Things You Might Not Know About Malaysian Odds

There are a few things fans might not know about Malaysian odds. These odds are not only used in football but also in many other sports, offering a broad appeal. Additionally, Malaysian odds can change before and during a match, influenced by various factors like form, lineup changes, and other external factors. It is crucial to understand the different types of bets and not bet blindly or rely solely on luck.

Effective Tips for Using Malaysian Odds

If you are new to Malaysian odds, take advantage of learning opportunities and accumulate experience to improve your knowledge. Only bet on matches where you can easily predict the outcomes and always be cautious with your betting amounts to manage your funds effectively. Fans generally find Malaysian odds to be a refreshing approach to betting, offering a new dimension to the experience.

Stay tuned for more insights best betting tips app into different betting types in the next article.


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