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Whether you feel anxious about therapy; have negative experiences with therapy; or are more of a hands-on learner, Therapeutic Horticulture + Dialectical Behavior therapy is a
way of addressing your needs with a whole-person
approach, in a nurturing setting.

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A DBT skills group for highly sensitive adults who want to learn to manage

their emotions, move towards new goals, and maximize their potential

by creating conditions where their growth can flourish.  

If You've Been Experiencing...

  • Intense emotions that cause you distress

  • Invalidation from people in your life or the environment around you

  • A sense of disconnection from yourself and others

  • Lack of motivation, feeling "stuck", or unable to move towards goals

  • Overwhelm, poor self-care, or unexplained fatigue 

  • Feeling like you don't know where to start in order to make positive changes 

You Will
Learn To:

  • observe and accept you need

      to be nurtured and cared for

  • find a supportive group of

      peers to help you on your journey

  • understand your emotions, how to tolerate distress, and how to regulate

  • develop new habits & interpersonal skills so that you can thrive

  • use mindfulness skills to feel connection, belonging, and calm

  • clarify your goals and take action

Meet the Group Facilitators

We are Kristen & Abby, two Social Workers
who enjoy working with highly sensitive adults

and love learning about plants & emotions.

Request Info

Our group meets on Tuesdays, from 6-7:30pm. Please complete a brief screening form to learn more and schedule an intake

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