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Swift Resilience

a monthly coping skills workshop, Taylor-made for highly sensitive Swifties
Taylor Swift_edited.png

Grab your favorite cardigan and join us for this enchanting workshop, where we learn to explore big emotions and use coping skills to improve our relationships. Through Taylor-inspired discussions and some therapeutic crafting, you'll learn practical coping skills to empower your Fearless spirit, era by era. 

If You:

  • feel emotions intensely

  • identify as a deep thinker

  • have a vivid imagination

  • connect with through music

  • are seeking inner-growth

If You Want:

  • to manage your emotions

  • deepen your self-reflection

  • to define your own narrative

  • connect with yourself & others

  • tools for personal growth

The Swift Resilience workshop is based
in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and
is a highly effective way to explore your
emotions and gain skills to improve coping.

Important Info

  • This is a psychoeducational workshop and is not a replacement for therapy

  • Workshops are held on a monthly basis at DBT Ozarks

  • Pre-registration is required 

  • Cost per workshop is $50

  • Open only to adults 18+

You Will
Learn To

  • better manage intense emotions

  • identify your vulnerabilities

  • validate yourself

  • practice self-compassion

  • have more fun and be social

Meet the Group Facilitators

We are Kristen & David, a therapy duo who enjoy working with

highly sensitive adults and teens in group and workshop settings,

in order to support emotional growth and healing.

Enroll Today

Openings are limited and will fill fast. Grab your seat today.

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