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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions are ideal for you if you experience intense emotions that are impacting your quality of life and ability to reach your goals.

Many people with emotional sensitivity feel things so intensely that it can create ongoing feelings of misery. 


Most people who start Individual DBT Therapy feel challenged to communicate needs without being mistaken as aggressive. They also frequently feel stuck in a cycle of avoiding painful emotions, lacking self-esteem, and difficulty focusing due to constantly changing emotions. 

DBT therapists are highly skilled in working with clients who tend to look to others to make decisions or form opinions due to a lack of trust in their own judgement. Our clients are highly compassionate and often put the needs of others before their own.

They begin treatment feeling stuck in negativity, feeling miserable and overwhelmed, unsure if they want to continue living. DBT treatment helps them rise above their challenges and start moving towards a more ideal life with less suffering and more fulfillment.

Free Consultation

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  • Please see the list of individual therapists on our team as service details, residential restrictions, insurance participation, and prices vary by provider​​ and range from $85-$150 per session.

  • We currently have licensed providers in Missouri

  • Sessions are offered in Springfield, MO & online across Missouri

Individual DBT Therapy consists of weekly sessions that help you work on your target behaviors. 


Here’s how it will work step-by-step:

First, you will be oriented to DBT during weekly individual therapy sessions (2-3 weeks).

During your weekly individual therapy sessions, you and your therapist will work to apply DBT skills to situations that occur in your own life. You will be given homework to continue the benefits of therapy outside of session times. 

Research shows that DBT Therapy can positively change your thinking, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors. It can help you let go of the misery that's holding you back.

Meet Our Consultation Team

Our providers are open-minded and fun group of therapists who have a passion for helping our clients learn to identify and safely explore their emotional experiences. Our team operates with the strongly held assumption that all people are trying their best at all times, even if sometimes our best looks & feels pretty messy. 

Our team of providers participate in DBT trainings provided by the Missouri Department of Mental Health, which meet the criteria for state certification. 

Our team meets each week for consultation to support each other in using DBT in our own lives. We are a team of providers who recognize our own fallibilities and provide each other with a safe space to experience vulnerability and growth


We look forward to sharing our knowledge and passion for Dialectical Behavior Therapy and invite you to explore our profiles. Please note that each therapist's individual therapy services are provided through their own practice or agency of employment. Group therapy services are provided through DBT of the Ozarks, a division of Social Work SC, LLC. 

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