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Join us for this enchanting coping skills workshop, where we dance through Taylor's lyrical journey, while deepening inner-connection. Through interactive discussions and creative expression exercises, you'll learn skills to empower your Fearless spirit, era by era. 

We are kicking off this tour of our emotions & inner-most reflections, starting through the lense of the Lover Era. Primary emotions explored include: vulnerability, happiness, nostalgia, compassion, and empowerment.


Mindful activities this month include: 

Values Sort & Bracelet Making

Group Discussion: Vulnerability Through the Eras

Color Coding Emotions

How to Survive A Big Vibe


DBT coping skills covered: 

* Observe & Describe

* Wise Mind

* Modulating Intensity

* Dialectic Skill

* One-Mindfully Skill


Adults 18+ only. Workshops for teens are coming soon!


The next event will be held on 1/20/24 from 3:00pm-5:00pm at DBT Ozarks, in Central Springfield, MO. Space is limited to enhance the experience, so please be sure to register ahead. Details will be sent out following registration. 

Coping Skills for Swifties (January Workshop)

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